Having an FS200 or DOC system for profile measurement will benefit you by having access to accurate and repeatable profile shape measurements to:

  • Speed up the implementation of new manufacturing equipment by tuning jigs and fixtures
    that position profiles for processing.
  • New product designs requiring new profiles can be brought more quickly to market
    with an accurate approach to dimensional characteristics of the new profiles.
  • Learn the cause of production downtimes without guesswork by accurately measuring
    profiles to see if they are the cause.
  • Insure customer satisfaction of your finished products by using the color match option.

The FS200 is offered as a rental unit for short term applications such as the start up of a new product line or the introduction of new machinery to your manufacturing.

Color Match

Adding the Color Match option to the FS200 allows you to compare a sample color to a master color to determine the Delta E value between them. With the increasing importance of color in the manufacturing of window and door products, this is a valuable add on for any quality assurance department. Color Match is available as a stand-alone application.

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