Profile Measurement

PLV’s products and services can benefit an extruder by measuring the quality of the products they ship, document the quality for customer satisfaction and provide workers with direct feedback for productivity improvement. The most popular product for this application is the FS200 system. The FS200 uses a scanner to image a cross section and then using a pre-selected measurement routine, measures the profile characteristics such as dimensions, angles, overall shapes and colors.

The system then saves measurement data for analysis, archives the measured profile image, and prints reports.

> FS200 Profile Scanning System Technical Description (PDF)

** PLV Is currently working to offer a camera version instead of the FS200. Contact us for information.


  • Quality control tool to meet product specifications
  • Historical documentation of your quality control process
  • Analyze data for SPC (Statistical Process Control) information
  • Show your customers you take quality seriously

Color Match

Adding the Color Match option to the FS200 allows you to compare a sample color to a master color to determine the Delta E value between them. With the increasing importance of color in many extruded products, this is a valuable add on for any quality assurance department. Color Match is available as a stand-alone application.