Imagetools is a full function PC imaging software module designed for machine vision applications. The software is intuitive to setup and allows for very sophisticated routines to be accomplished simply. The platform is suitable for automation companies or machine builders who desire to provide a cost effective vision platform as an offering to their customers. Ethernet communications support to PLC’s make integration to your control systems flexible and complete.

General specification

  • Supports multiple format input sources such as:
  • Firewire Cameras (multiple device addressing)
  • Twain drivers for Scanners or other imaging sources.
  • Ohters available upon request
  • Multiple inspection routines with task routing
  • Advanced imaging tools such as Geometric pattern search, blob tools, high precision edge functions combined in an easy to use GUI format.
  • Output controls for Opto-22 circuits
  • Optional interfaces to PLC via Ethernet connections

PLV can produce custom versions of its machine vision applications upon request.