FS200WDCI – Basic

This product is designed as a cost effective tool for Window and Door manufacturers who want to speed up implementation of new profile designs or machinery or solve production downtime problems quickly and with accountability. You measure by simply placing a cut sample of a profile on the system for scanning. Following the scan you easily establish an XY datum then place dimensional or angle measurements anywhere on the profile. Following the on screen measurements you can then print a report that can include the sample image.

Measurement Specifications and Features:

  • Shapes up to 6”x6” (155mmx155mm)
  • Accuracy +-.0015”  (+-.037 mm)
  • Scanning time 15 seconds
  • Simple to use Interactive measurement utility
  • Loads standard PLV toolsets for comprehensive profile measurements
  • New - Supports Color Match option
  • Print reports from collected data


PLV will design appropriate measurement routines for your profiles. By having PLV design the measurement routines for your profiles, you are getting many years of experience in how to apply dimensions to establish profile integrity based on each companies unique ways profiles are used in their respective manufacturing processes. 

Pay-as you-go or Software Rental:

PLV can tailor a plan based on your needs. Some users may only feel they need this product occasionally. We now offer a Pay-as-you-go service. Perhaps you are implementing a new machine and want intensive use but for a specific amount of time. Then try our short term rental program with unlimited use.


This product is designed for extruders of profile to help them quickly and cost effectively manage the quality of their shapes. The system removes operator subjectivity associated with caliper measurements. Machine operators can quickly evaluate if they need to make changes using the nominal overlay displayed on top of the image of the actual profile. Quality personnel can produce reports and collect statistics for a more detailed analysis. To produce a measurement any person can simply place a sample on the scanner (fixturing is not required) and scan the shape generally in under 20 seconds.

Measurement Specifications and Features:

  • Shapes up to 6”x6” (155mmx155mm)
  • Accuracy +-.001”  (+-.025 mm)
  • New simple design mode for rapid toolset development
  • Scanning time 15seconds
  •  New - Supports Color Match function
  • Standard report generators
  • Data and Images saved in a database
  • Database may be connected to Excel for more advanced Statistics

FS200 Equipment Specifications:

  • PC Computer running MS XP ProÔ or Windows 7Ô(customer supplied)
  • Calibrated flatbed scanner
  • PLV FS200 software platform

FS200 Support:

PLV utilizes Cisco WebexÔ services and can provide internet direct computer to computer access for its products. PLV also conducts webinars for training and other support functions.

> FS200 Profile Scanning System Technical Description (PDF)